About Us

  The promoter Mr. Ghanshyam  Sarda  has  experience of 14 years in
  trading & Manufacturing of yarns not only  the simple  ones  but  also
  the very  complex  and  difficult yarns involving 5 to 10 process and 4
  to 7 components. He has been  instrumental  in  developing  quite  a
  few number of new varieties  which have  newver   thought  of   before.
  With this kind of  rich  experience and creativity of course he started
  providing  consultancy   to   fabric manufacturer on how to make max-
  imum advantage out of different kind of yarns and enhance the beauty
  of  the  fabric and  finally this idea of going into manufacturing shaped
  up in the form of ALL WORLD TRADE.
  Having advantage of experience,  creativity and in - depth knowledge
  of  all  the  components of  the fabric which start right from teh basic
  POY to the final fabric and all the intermediatery processes in a very
  short span & the rest our moto  explains it all  "Hard to make difficult
  to find".